Psychiatric Practice Houten
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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the website of Psychiatric Practice Houten. The practice will open on 01-10-2024. The practice offers a safe, trusted environment where you can seek help for various problems, such as depression, anxiety, and (recurrent) issues in work, study, or relationships. Of course, all conversations are confidential, and great care is taken to ensure your privacy. The practice focuses on adults in Houten and the surrounding area.

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Kind regards,

Rick van der Spek
In case of emergencies, dial 112. In other cases, it is important to contact your general practitioner (during office hours) or the out-of-hours general practitioner service (outside office hours). They can refer you to the crisis service if necessary. For Houten and surrounding areas, the out-of-hours general practitioner service is located at the Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein. Visit their website or call 088 130 96 60.